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Biolock™ is located in northern California.

Our original Biolock engineering team developed the specifications and design of the space-flight approved hardware connecting the animal and plant habitats to the Life Sciences Laboratory experiments glovebox, in micro-gravity, on board the NASA Space Station.

The unique sealing and locking interface system assures that pathogens and any other matter contained within the individual sealed habitats and the sealed glovebox remain completely isolated from the Space Station laboratory environment throughout the habitat/glovebox connection, operation, and separation phases.

The design engineering problem that Biolock's team solved was basically how to transfer delicate biological contents from one sealed container directly into another sealed container without exposing the contents or the internal volume of either container to the external atmosphere during the process.

For example, if you try to pour coffee from one air-tight flask into another air-tight flask without exposing the coffee to the air in the room, you can quickly understand both the problem and the magnitude of the solution that is required.

Biolock is currently focused on the development of proprietary biocontainment and bioisolation transfer technology for non-space biomedical and pharmaceutical laboratory and field applications. However, it is anticipated this technology will also meet NASA's Astronaut Office space-flight requirements for Life Sciences biocontainment.

Development of this advanced transfer technology is currently supported by a Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Senior design project team at Miami University (Ohio).

Future design applications include a bank of sealed and transportable culture, plant, or animal habitats that connect directly to an experiments glovebox and/or sterile processing equipment, thereby eliminating the need for a dedicated clean-room facility.

At present, our website is under construction. We are making an effort to present you with our spectrum of technology as soon as possible. Meanwhile, you can email us: info@biolock.com